Abrado Wellbore Services

Abrado Wellbore Services specializes in creating the optimum wellbore environment through the implementation of innovative downhole cleanout tools, chemical stimulation treatments and video-based diagnostic technology services.

Acoustic Zoom Inc.

Acoustic Zoom Inc. is an advanced geophysical company specializing in innovative seismic solutions to visualize the character of complex geological formations and reservoirs with unprecedented resolution and detail.


Deep Casing Tools Ltd.

Deep Casing Tools’ products facilitate running casing and completion strings to targeted depth reducing well cost and improving well integrity and reservoir contact.


Energy Drilling Pte. Ltd.

Energy Drilling Pte Ltd builds and manages self-erecting tender assist drilling rigs to deliver the best-in-class service to oil and gas operators.


Fotech Solutions Ltd.

Fotech Solutions Ltd. offers innovative optical fiber-based acoustic systems to enable precise & continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon flow & downhole/surface equipment.

Four Phase - Former DWC

FourPhase AS

FourPhase specializes in optimizing oil and gas production by reducing sediments from the production flow using a dynamic de-sander system.



GeoTeric® is the only complete Cognitive Interpretation™ System, allowing you to see the geology in your seismic data before interpreting. It provides interactive workflows from data conditioning to the delineation of geological elements required to build a 3D model.


HalfWave AS

HalfWave offers an ultra wideband acoustic inspection technology based on half-wave resonance to improve pipeline and riser inspection and address asset integrity issues.


Hicor Technologies

Hicor Technologies (formerly OsComp Systems) has developed a positive displacement, liquid-injected rotary compressor for efficient wet gas handling, enabling producers to simplify the infrastructure needed to get natural gas and liquids from the wellhead to the processing facility.


Ingrain Inc.

Ingrain delivers near real-time precise measurements of physical properties of reservoir rocks and drill cuttings using MRI/CT scanning and patented computational methods.


PanGeo Subsea Inc.

Pangeo Subsea provides underwater acoustic technology services aimed at identifying geohazards, before major seabed construction and installation projects.

ProSep web size


ProSep offers products and purpose-designed solutions to remove solid, liquid or gaseous contaminants from oil, gas and produced water streams. Our company does this by drawing on a combination of experienced people and efficient processes.


ROMAR International

ROMAR specializes in the provision of innovative, cost-effective technologies associated with magnetic separation, decontamination of drilling fluids and spill prevention and containment.



SageRider combines a portfolio of technology-focused products with a project management service model that provides clients with a “one-stop-shop” for reservoir monitoring, and completion technology.



WellConnection is Norway’s leading company within inspection, maintenance and repair services (IMR) for drilling and subsea equipment. WellConnection is strategically located covering the whole of the Norwegian Continental Shelf within the Subsea and Drilling segments.

Westwood Global Energy Group provides deep, insightful business intelligence tools and research for prominent global themes across the Upstream E&P and Supply Chain. Key offerings by the Group are Atlas online and Analytics by Hannon Westwood, the Wildcat Global Exploration Services by Richmond Energy Partners and the Sectors Subscription Services by Douglas Westwood.

wirelessSEiSMIC NEW

Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic manufactures the only wireless seismic data acquisition system with real-time data return, improving safety and data quality while lowering operating costs.

Zilift develops and markets small diameter permanent magnet technologies for innovative artificial lift applications. Uniquely Zilift technologies can be wireline/riglessly installed and the system can be placed, due to small/lightweight aspects, into the horizontal section of the well, thus increasing productivity vs. traditional methods.


2TD aims to become a leading supplier of advanced drilling tools for the large and expanding directional drilling market, enabling customers to drill higher quality wells at lower cost.


Advanced Production and Loading (APL) is a market leader in the development, fabrication and sale of advanced systems for the offshore production, specialising in storage and transport of oil and gas by ships.APL was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in March 2005.

ARKeX Ltd.

ARKeX reduces technical risk with integrated airborne/marine gravity gradiometry BlueQube surveys to quickly and economically image structures in challenging geologies.

Caltec Ltd.

Caltec Ltd. delivers high value production boosting and separation technology to the oil and gas industry. Caltec’s products enables customers to make maximum available. Caltec was sold to Petrofac Ltd. in September 2008.

Clerk Maxwell

An independent provider of multi-discipline engineering, project management and asset support services for the oil and gas sector established to bridge a gap in the current market through robust Front-End Engineering solutions.


Cubility offers a cost efficient and novel solution that simplifies the fluid cleaning system by replacing multiple components with one enclosed integrated system. This solution improves ROP and HSE and reduces mud loss.


DeepFlex Inc.

DeepFlex offers the only unbonded flexible pipe for offshore production. Improves flow assurance due to strength, corrosion-resistance & ease of installation.

Direct Drive Systems

DDS delivers a compact subsea & pipeline compression system with high-speed permanent magnet motors & generators.DDS was bought by FMC Technology in September 2009.



IWC has developed an innovative through-bore method for mud pulse/pressure pulse communication from MWD/LWP to surface. The system significantly improves the efficiency of the mud-pulse system. IWC was sold to Halliburton in November 2013.



Meta provides downhole isolation products using its patented METALMORPHOLOGY™ technology. This utilizes metal-to-metal seals for life-of-well isolation applications.



MTEM offers innovative Electromagnetic surveying to determine the existence and extent of hydrocarbons in land & marine reservoirs. MTEM was sold to Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (OSE, NYSE: PGS) in June 2007.



Norse Cutting & Abandonment AS (NCA) provides equipment and services withing Plug and Abandonment, Decommissioning/ Cutting Services and Onsite machining.NCA was sold to Oceaneering in March 2011.

Nova Drill

NovaDrill is developing next generation Rotary Steering Tools, MWD/LWD Tools and PDC Bits that will revolutionize geosteering & drilling performance.NovaDrill was sold in February 2010.


OmniWare AS (formerly LYNX Technologies AS) is a leading software developer for Contract Management and Health, Safety & Environment software. Company’s primary customer groups are Oil & Gas companies with additional customers in the mining industry, hospitals, utility companies in December 2010.

OsComp web size

OsComp Systems

OsComp provides a unique end-to-end transportation solution for natural gas with their virtual pipeline system, making it easy for customers to switch to natural gas a primary energy source. Integral to our company’s expertise is designing, developing, installing, maintaining and repairing natural gas equipment.


Oxane Materials Inc.

Oxane Materials, Inc. manufactures the only nano-structured ceramic proppants with strength/weight ratios that provide a paradigm shift in proppant transport & conductivity.

Read Cased Hole New

READ Cased Hole

READ Cased Hole is a leading independent provider of downhole well assurance services focused on well integrity, leak detection and flow profiling, from drilling to abandonment.


Reality Mobile

Reality Mobile® provides enterprise software for real time video communication using existing infrastructure to enhance mission critical decision making by enabling subject matter experts on-demand.

Red Spider

Red Spider specializes in supplying innovative downhole intervention and completion products, most of which use its proprietary Remote Open Close technology. The products create significant value for clients through enhanced well performance and rig time saving. Red Spider was sold to Halliburton in December 2012.



SeaBed Geophysical AS is a service company that specializes in seabed seismic. The company can provide all aspects of seabed seismic; feasibility studies and pre-survey planning, data acquisition, on site QC, data processing and interpretation.


Sense EDM

Sense EDM AS is a supplier of intelligent rigs, innovative tubular handling systems and control systems to the international oil & gas industry. Sense EDM was sold to TTS Marine ASA in April 2007.



Sense Intellifield is an innovative supplier of e-field technologies. Sense’s technology enables oil and gas companies to realize substantial cost savings and productivity improvements. Sense Intellifield was sold to Kongsberg Maritime in December 2006.


Sigma Offshore Ltd.

Sigma Offshore has developed a patented cost efficient combined mooring and flow line transfer solution particularly suited for tanker conversions and FPSOs on contracts of shorter duration.



Stingray Geophysical is a leading fibre-optic based, permanent reservoir monitoring solutions company. Stingray’s sole focus is providing the most advanced permanently installed reservoir monitoring solutions.Stingray was sold to TGS NOPEC ASA in April 2011.



Zeropex has developed a technology that makes it possible to generate clean energy from pressure drops in fluid process systems.


Ziebel AS

Ziebel AS provides innovative, lightweight and cost effective long-reach well intervention conveyance technology and logging solutions.